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Change of Ownership

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that Trattoria La Vigna will no longer be owned by Gianni and Silvana Roccisano. We are currently closed and as of Monday 12th of March all bookings and inquiries will be under the new owners. Thank you for your interest and patronage over the past 9 years. We have had the pleasure in meeting and serving people from all  around Sydney.отзывы массфолловингнпоbonраскрутитькуплю авиабилетыгазовые пружины для пневматических винтовок купить украинасоздание сайта визитки в киевеАндрей Павелко родители


We were honoured to receive  the winner for

 2016 Brides Choice Awards – Macarthur Restaurant  Venue for Weddings.

Brides from the Macarthur region placed their vote on The Brides Choice  Awards Facebook page.  Thank you to the voters who acknowledged our Restaurant.

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